Digaale Energy | FLEXpower FOUR FXR Series
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FLEXpower FOUR FXR Series

About This Project

Outbackpower has a great line of pre-assembled and pre-wired energy systems, the systems are like our P- and J box systems pre tested. The systems are very flexible in there usage, off- an on grid, the system is able to switch loads and control your energy, you can program whether you buy or sell energy from the grid. In situations with an unstable grid is able to keep the solar panels live in grid connected situations even when the grid is down. The optics re software enables you to manage your system anywhere. The FXR FOUR is ideal for larger homes and commercial applications.

  • Choice between 50 and 60Hz
  • Fast installation, just mount a bracket on the wall and place the unit.
  • Remote system control
  • Grid Storage ready
  • Mini grid ready
  • available in 5 models for 120VAC or 230VAC applications, ranging from 9.2 to 14.4kW.