Digaale Energy | P-BOX AC350 – Standard energy system
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P-BOX AC350 – Standard energy system

About This Project

The P-Box AC350 is a standard energy system for Off-Grid Applications. The P-BOX AC350 is a turnkey system for off grid applications, the pure sine wave inverter converts the DC power from the solar panels into stable and clean AC power which is ideal for appliances which are power demanding. Mounting of the system can be done via the back plate.

The system has been prepared to install it into a casing. This can be ordered optional is required, for your comfort it is also possible to order the system including solar panels and batteries, a system setup is has been made very easy. It is also possible to add additional items to your system such as an battery monitor and for rural industrial applications remote monitoring and control via GSM can be ad to the system,

Are you looking for a more customized solutions? Please go to our engineered system page and have a look how we can help you designing your ideal engineered system.