Digaale Energy | Solar Kit 12 volt
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Solar Kit 12 volt

About This Project

The Off-Grid Solar kits are plug and play and very easy to install. This sets are ideal for medium sized 12 volt applications, The sets are ideal as an add on to an existing energy systems. The applications where the set can be used for are endless, gardes houses, boats, campers and even industrial off-grid applications. The set is equipped with a mastervolt solar charge controller Flexmax 60A MPPT, including display, the display gives a very clear indictaion of system status. The charge controller is also able to switch off loads when the battery is low, the switching capacity is 60A. The included solar switch allow you to be very confortable while connecting the solar set, just connect all devices well, if you feel confotable about your installation, double check it and the put the switch in the on mode, the produced solar energy will now flow into your batteries.

The MPPT solar 12 volt 780 Wp kit comes with:

  • 3 solar panels SHARP 260 Wp
  • Outback 60A-150V
  • DC solar switch
  • 4 DC solar cables (3 meter pieces of 4mm2)
  • Earthing cable 6 meter ( incl connectors )